TI, RF & M/W Services

Engineering Design Bureau is capable to provide expert consultancy services in the field of Microwave, Radio Frequency, Solar Cell / Panel and Telecommunication Implementation. The scopes of services offered are

  • 1. TI Surveys
  • 2. RF &Transmission Surveys
  • 3. RF & Transmission Equipment Implementation
  • 4. BSS Implementation (with all tests)
  • 5. Site Survey for Solar& electric power

We have been installing RF two and a half years now, with over a 1000 installed sites. Also for many years now, we have been installing solar Cell / Panel and M / W with over 1800 installed sites.

Another strong part of our expertise is TI installation. In our 4 years of working experience, we have installed more than 200 sites for different Microwave equipment for various Clients and now we have developed the most expert work force for this delicate and crucial job, in Pakistan.

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