Scope Of Our Services

By combining professional disciplines and engineering with the vision of our planners creates an integrated approach to finding the optimum solution to an any engineering problem.

Our Aim For

Every Project

Engineering Design Bureau is actively involved in almost all the fields of Civil Engineering but specializes in Communication and Transport, Building and Architecture, Microwave Tower and Transmission Lines. The firm has also suitable association arrangements with well-known firms for undertaking high-level sophisticated projects. Our team of engineers communicate with our customers at every step of project to ensure maximum efficiency and to increase trust and confidence of our customers on us.


Scope of Services


Design Work

  • Master Plans
  • As-Built Drawings
  • Detailed Engineering Document
  • Structural & Architectural Design
  • All Telecom Tower Designs
  • Multi-Storey Building Design
  • Cost Analysis
  • Transmission Lines Design
  • Cost Planning & Control
  • Services Design & Drawing
  • Telecommunication Building
  • Building modification and renovation
  • OSP (Fiber Optic) Design
  • Working Drawings
  • Specifications
  • Special Technical Studies

Testing & Analysis

  • Structural Scans
  • Soil Testing for Green Field Sites
  • Comparison sheet on the basis of Structural Model results
  • Structural stability analysis with report for Rooftop sites
  • Structural Stability Analysis & Feasibility for Existing and future Loads
  • Structural Model on the basis of Scan results
tecnical site survey

Technical Site Survey

  • RF Services
  • RF Services (Drive Test)
  • Transmission Services (LOS)
  • Sweep Testing
  • Civil Services including GF/RT standalone/ Sharing
  • Swap site Survey (Telecom Equipment Engineering Ability)
  • Fiber Optic Survey (OSP)
  • Solar site Survey
  • Battery Swap Survey
  • Building Feasibility/ Structure Stability Survey
  • Tower Analysis & Feasibility Survey
  • Fix line and Transmission Survey
  • Telecommunication Building
  • Building modification and renovation
Miscellaneous Service​

Tender Documents & Construction

  • Bid Analysis and Adjudication
  • Contract Documents
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Pre-Qualification of Bidder
  • Top Supervision
  • Detailed Supervision
  • Certification of Bills
  • Economic Appraisals
Technical Installation & Survey​

Telecom Installation

  • Special Technical Studies
  • Coordination with Machinery Suppliers
  • BSS Equipment Installation
  • All Telecom Tower Designs

Power Plant & Sub Stations

  • Civil works
  • Mechanical works
  • Bus Bar protection
  • Line protection
  • Grid Station Design
  • Layout of various configurations
  • Switchyard Equipment protection
  • Transformer/Reactor protection
  • Lightning protection
  • Grounding system
  • Synchronizing system
  • DC power system
  • Line/Reactance metering
  • Switchgear control
  • Fire fighting
  • Lighting
  • Unit control
  • Monitoring for Turbines, Generators & Transformers
  • Unit protection metering
  • Recording
  • Synchronizing
  • AC system
  • DC system
  • Alarm/Annunciations

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