Services We Provide

Getting the very best Engineering Services in order to ensure compliance and maximize the output is the main key to the success of any project.


We have committed our selves to satisfying our clients needs in providing quality services by handling projects with care.


Our staff is highly diverse and extensive experience allows us to give the right service for a wide variety of projects and clients.

Innovative & Flexible

Our philosophy is rooted in innovation and flexibility which is why we can provide the best possible solutions for our clients.

List of Services We Provide

Telecommunication and Microwave Towers

Engineering design Bureau is one of the leading firms in the design of microwave towers. The firm has designed and supervised over 8000 towers, both self-supported and guyed masts, for various clients. This field of engineering is the mainstay of this company. All our designs are implemented with the latest structural analysis programs and are in accordance with the latest engineering and practices. For more information download PDF.

Radio Frequency and Microwave Services

Engineering Design Bureau is capable to provide expert consultancy services in the field of Microwave, Radio Frequency, Solar Cell/Panel and Telecommunication Implementation. In working nearly every telecommunication providers we have gained considerable experience in all radio and microwave services. For more information download PDF.

Technical Installation & Survey

Engineering Design Bureau carry’s out all civil consultancy regarding equipment installations. All work is done by collaborating with our approved sub-contractors, with whom we have developed close relations with over many years. We have considerable experience and well trained staff in the field, we have enable to provide our clients with the best service. For more information download PDF.

Geo technical Services

Engineering Design Bureau also provides geo-technical data for sound planning of development project. The firm is capable of providing expert consultancy services in the field of geology and geophysics. Every engineering project start with a geo-technical Survey to ascertain the quality of the ground on which the structure is to be built. For more information download PDF.

Buildings and Retexture

EDB has forged a strong team of experts comprising of architects and structural engineers. The firm has handled several projects in this field, which include, commercial, industrial and residential building and other civil engineering projects. The firm has affected great savings for its clients through proper planning, adoption of correct structural systems and careful handling of detailed design. For more information download PDF.


Urban Planning and Design

Over the years, we have taken part in many projects regarding city & town planning at many levels. With our associates, we are able to take part in virtually any field of civil engineering. In urban design, we in our company is one of the top firms, we work out building feasibility for all steel and concrete structures. For more information download PDF.

Transmission Lines

Engineering Design Bureau has also designed, supervised, fabricated and offered consultation of transmission lines for various clients, since our founding in 1989. We have an independent Design Group composed of highly qualified Engineers who are up to date and well conversant in the latest design techniques. For more information download PDF.

Communication & Transport

Engineering Design Bureau has developed a competent team of transportation and highway engineers and bridge designers. Our firm has successfully completed highway projects independently as well as in association with other firms. It now possesses the expertise to handle independently major highways and bridges. For more information download PDF.

Miscellaneous Service

In-addition to the services listed above we also provide engineering dispute adjudication services, tender analysis and other services which are not considered as a part of the civil engineering field. For more information download PDF.

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